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Committee for the Care of Ministers

In 2017, the General Assembly established the Committee on Ministerial Care (CMC) for the purpose of providing general financial advice and ministries of encouragement and support to ministers of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. More specifically, the CMC serves in the following ways:

  • Maintains, manages, and provides oversight of the OPC Retirement Account.
  • Provides or recommends counsel and assistance in financial risk management (Health, Life, Disability, Counseling, and such other types of insurance as may be advisable).
  • Provides or recommends counsel and assistance in financial planning, including retirement planning and investment portfolio management.
  • Maintains, manages, and provides oversight of the OPC Obadiah Fund; and provides for the diaconal needs of all OPC ministers and their widows.
  • Informs presbyteries and local sessions of tools available for the care of their ministers.
  • Consults with North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council churches and other churches of like faith and practice regarding their experience and best practices in the care of their ministers.
  • Provides resources to congregations and presbyteries to improve the terms of calls.
  • Maintains denominational salary scale guidelines.
  • Maintains a voluntary and confidential database of OPC ministerial compensation.
  • Provides advice to the General Assembly regarding the Book of Church Order on retirement related matters.
  • Provides financial instruction and counsel in educational venues; e.g., the Ministerial Training Institute of the OPC.
  • Assists presbyteries and sessions in considering other means of strengthening the care of ministers; e.g., ministerial mentoring, counseling, retreats, and sabbaticals.